Imagine a young alien comes upon a spacecraft that has landed on her planet. She approaches out of curiosity to discover that the travelers are from Earth. They have come to her planet to survey it and determine if it is habitable. Before departing to return back to Earth, the alien girl has an idea. She's hasn't been happy for a long time and would like nothing more than to escape her planet. She pleads with the Earthlings to take her with them back to their planet. They discuss and ultimately agree she can come with them. They all board the spacecraft – The Supernova. This is where her journey begins. 

Art by Matt Kinder


Second street, behind the seven story new construction
Indiscreet, where only you and I will be
Make your way over so quietly no one remembers
Stay and wait until your mission is complete.

Far away across a supernatural dimension
Outer space beyond your wild fantasies
We came to take a look at everything that you created
Calculate if this is where we want to be.

Waiting for takeoff, to break off these complications and
Keep all the chaos at bay
Wake up your engines and fire up the Supernova
Uplifting us out of this place.

Taking in the undeniably sincere destruction
Where we’ve been, this is a sinister sight
You’ve made your case this is a harrowing accommodation
Take your place on board the interstellar flight.


All aboard and welcome back, we are glad you have you here
Servicing your needs as we clear the atmosphere
Doors are closing now, put your valuables away
Please stay in your seat for your safety on the way
Moving on, we’re heading home.

Into the distance the deeper we go like a rocket propelling us out of control
The stars passing by at celestial pace, on the edge of [space]

Open and clear with continuous light
Neon engulfing an ocean of white
Blue as the sky before time had begun
Yellow as bright as the face of the sun
Guiding light, burning bright.

Figures revealing a network of life
Gliding through air in perpetual flight
Charting a course through an infinite web
Of heavenly bodies that lie just ahead
Passing by, beyond the sky.

Out of a canon propelled by a flame on an odyssey bound for galactic domain
A bullet of matter, designed to displace, on the edge of [space]